1751 W. Eldorado Parkway
McKinney, Texas 75069

We focus on flavor first.

Every bite of Smithart’s Craft Food is the best bite, and the next bite is even better.  It starts with quality ingredients sourced as close to home as possible.  Next we craft our food using traditional methods of preparation combined with innovative spice blends, marinades and glazes developed and perfected in-house.  It takes culinary skill, intuition and tireless trial-and-error to reach perfection.  This applies to every dish on our menu.

Fun follows flavor.

Our employees love their jobs, and their cheerfulness shows.


Because we reward excellence with real-time praise (aka cheers), competitive wages, health insurance and retirement benefits.

This translates into bartenders who remember your name and how you like your drink, cooks who average 10-minute tickets, and waitstaff that get your order right every time.


Billiards come next in terms of fun, and we love the game.

No other restaurant establishment offers 7 tables meticulously maintained in a smoke-free environment.  Whether you play or watch, the game is always fun and often mesmerizing.

We host AHL poker tourneys on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights.

And, we pride ourselves on broadcasting every game be it football, soccer, hockey, UFC, basketball, baseball or golf.  You can come cheer on your team, and know that you will be among sports-loving friends.

Music, Parties, Leagues & Tourneys

Let’s raise a glass together and say, Cheers!


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HOLIDAYS 4pm – 2am
New Year’s Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day



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